Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School's Out for Summer

I know many of you might be thinking that I have been slacking in the new reviews department lately, and I know I have...I'm right there with ya! But, with it being the end of the semester, that means finals time, and for a journalism major...lots and lots of articles and writing. So, I'll admit. I have ben putting Take a Bite on the back burner, but have no fear! I had my last final today, and it is officially summer!!! Which means lots of time to blog and eat fresh fruit and veggies and do all of the things I love.

Yesterday, in the midst of my frantic studying, I decided to take a break. I have been wanting to plant an herb garden for quite some time now, and over the weekend I picked up all of the necessary items to finally follow through with it. I don't have much room in my backyard for an actual garden, so I decided that two very attractive coco-fiber planters in pretty decorative wrought iron baskets would be a good choice. I filled them up with organic soil and started planting. I went a little crazy in the basil department...I got seeds for your basic, everyday basil, for lemon basil, and an heirloom packet which included seeds for seven diferent types of the stuff! Needless to say I was very excited. So...the basil went in one pot, and the rosemary, chives, and cilantro in another. I watered them and hung them up and now, we'll see how it goes. I figure if all else fails, at least I'll have some darn good herbs to freshen up my summer creations.

And I have to admit...this morning, even though I knew that there wouldn't be even the slightest hint of a sprout, I went to check anyway. Ok, I said it...Now you know my little secret.

With that said...I'll keep you posted on how the herb growing goes and let you know where to eat out in Western Mass during this wonderful season.

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